Mobile Betting: Guide to Sports Betting on Mobile Devices

Sports gamblers have come a long way from smoky back rooms and land lines, to the ability to bet using the internet, shopping for lines at thousands of sites. Technology has taken has taken your neighborhood bookie or casino sportsbook and transformed it into a sports bettor’s paradise. Now it has become possible for gamblers to bet from anywhere in the world and on the go. Mobile sports betting, allows bettors to check odds, access their account balance and bet on upcoming events. The 21st century is a great place to be sports betting fan!

Best Sportsbetting Sites for Android, iPhone and iPad

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Sportsbooks and bookmakers that offer Android, Ipad and Iphone apps 2014? as one of the world’s biggest non-US facing sports betting sites offers our favourite sports betting app for smartphones. Bet365 offers a downloadable sports betting app for iPhone, iPad and Android phone users. Players can access all the markets available on the Bet365 website including the live betting markets on various sporting events. one of the largest bookmakers in the world has both an android and iPhone app available to customers. Installing these apps is as simple as going to the main page of the sportsbook from an android or iPhone and downloading the app when prompted. William Hill is one of industry’s leaders on mobile betting and their apps allow the user to still feel the full spectrum of sports betting on their mobiles. Users will be able to fund and withdraw from their accounts, place live in-running bets from their mobiles, and access all of the markets available on the main William Hill webpage.

The android market is wide open as users don’t have to gain approval to enter the app marketplace. Apple on the other hand is very stringent about what apps can be added to the apple store, they have only recently relaxed these rules and allowed online bookmakers to distribute iPhone /iPad sports betting apps to consumers. For this reason, sportsbooks may lean slightly to carrying more android apps rather than iPhone apps, but in many cases will have both.

US bettors have less of a selection of iPad and iPhone apps due to sports betting restirctions in the United States. However, there are some sportsbooks servicing US players that offer android apps. In most cases, even if a sportsbook does not offer an app for download, they will have a mobile sportsbook page. This makes it a lot easier to navigate and is a great alternative to having a downloadable app.

Mobile gaming is growing extremely rapidly, some experts say mobile betting may be worth 50 billion annually by 2015. Mobile betting is the wave of the future for sports gamblers, with odds available 24 hours a day and the ability to access them from anywhere in the world, it is god’s gift the modern day sports bettor.

How to bet on sports using a Android or iOS?

Mobile sports betting is just a mobile way of logging into your online sports book account from a mobile phone, it is the same thing as placing a bet from your desktop computer or a phone call. The bets you place will be binding, as per rule of the sportsbook. Most online sports book will have a mobile site available for you to access when on your phone. A mobile site is just a simplified version on the main sportsbook site, making it easier to navigate through for cellular users. All you need is internet browser capabilities from your mobile phone, and a decent connection. From there you can log in, view odds, and place bets. It is also important to remember, mobile betting is the same as betting at your PC. You will need to log into your sportsbook account and your connection will be encrypted and secure. Wagers placed will also be binding just as they would if you placed them on your home computer.

Some online sports books have taken the technology to the next level, creating apps for their users. Many bettors with an iPhone, Android, or Blackberry and other smartphones will be able to get an app for their mobile phones for fast odds and the ability to bet on the fly. Android apps may have special bar codes you can scan to instantly download certain apps, making it completely painless to download for.

How can I tell if my online sportsbook offers mobile betting?

Most sportsbooks nowadays will offer at least a mobile betting site to their customers but only a growing few will have mobile apps available for download. You should be able to find out if your prospective book has mobile capabilities by looking at the homepage or frequently asked questions. If you really want to be sure, you can email the sportsbook’s support. Also, remember that usually not all odds or bets will be accessible when using a sportsbook’s mobile features, most futures and some prop bets will probably not be available. In most cases you will still be able to bet totals and spreads, along with parlays and teasers.

What exactly is mobile sports betting?

Mobile sports betting is the ability to bet using your cellular phone from anywhere in the world. Think about it. You just remember you forgot to place a bet on your hometown team, just as you meet your friends at the bar. With the game about to start in a few minutes, you give up hope on getting your bet in. Just then you remember your online sportsbook may have an app for your iPhone, you quickly scramble through your pockets to grab your phone. You search and find the app, quickly it downloads as you think you may run out of time. With seconds to spare you get your bet in, and you can enjoy a great night of gambling and drinking with your buddies. Crisis averted!