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Punting Sports

Many historical books and memoirs have accounts of sports betting, which makes it quite obvious that betting on sports has been in vogue since a long time.

History of Sports Betting

Leo Hirschfield’s Athletic Publication Inc. started the trend of sports betting in 1930s bookies by sending telegraph messages to bookies to tell them the odds. The first ever legal sports book came in to being in Nevada in 1950s. Australia legalized sports betting in 1960s and within a year this became legal in UK as well. Within a decade, sports betting had become legal in many countries. By 1980s sports betting had gain so much popularity, that many American entrepreneurs moved to the Caribbean Islands where they set up phone booths where people could call in to place their bets using their credit cards and would be paid back through checks. It was in 1996 that the first ever sporting bet was made from Finland by Jukka Honkavaara. By 2001, sports betting became available on mobile phones as well.
Betting on internet via phones and computers is the most popular and preferred way for people to bet on sports.

What do Punting Sports Do?

Punting Sports provides all the information about the websites which provide online sports betting options. It entails all the details which would be important for a person to place a bet. This includes a number of factors like your location, your choice of sports, what stakes you want to place, what are the odds that you prefer, and a number of other factors, which can help you, understand which online betting website is perfect for you. All the information on our website is easy to access and understand and it also provides many betting tips to the people.

Nuances of Sports Betting

In the world of sports betting, there are some nuances that you need to be aware of:

UK Bookmakers Vs US Sportsbooks

1. Difference in Terminology – In USA, a place where sports betting is made is known as Sportsbook whereas in UK it is known as Bookmakers. When betting is done on multiple teams, this is known as accumulators in UK and parlays in USA. Similarly, the person who bets is known as bettor in USA and punter in UK.
2. Difference in Betting Styles – In USA, the underdog is priced with a positive value whereas the favorites are priced with a negative value. On the contrary, UK uses fractional odds and decimal odds for betting.
3. Websites – For people betting on sports in UK, all the global websites are good. But in case of US bettors, most European and Asian websites do not accept the wagers of US citizens.
4. Bonus Offers Vs Best Odds
Getting the best odds in sports betting is more important that getting a bonus. This is so, because best odds ensure a better chance to win a sports bet rather than bonuses.
5. Importance of Shopping Odds
It is important to check a number of bookmakers to find out who is giving the best odds on a particular match. This will ensure that a bettor wins a lot of money or loses very little money. The website of Punting Sports has reviews of all such websites and lists out the name of the websites that are perfect for a particular kind of sport. All the websites that are recommended are licensed and legal.

Punting sports is linked to all the major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Do contact us for more details to make most of the world of sports betting.